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About About

Origin and Evolution

It was envisioned as a brand that would create excellent products while also contributing to the development of Sweden’s IT environment. The major aim was to grow into a company to deliver excellence in IT Services capable of influencing the future. We concentrated on building long-term relationships with our clientele back then. Our success was aided by a culture of tenacity, as well as good client management and strong engineering.

Professionalism and an ingrained culture of mutual respect, the lack of a rigid hierarchy, and a strong demand for excellence have always bound us together. We exhibited flexibility and commitment to every project and customer as an enterprise. This unique combination of Swedish and Delivery characteristics sets us apart from the competition and allows us to develop solutions that are tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our offices are now located in a number of countries across four continents. We begin our day with canadian consumers early in the morning and end it with U.A.E clients at night

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Who We Are

Veritaz has been focused on delivering solutions that meet our clients' business needs in full, on time, and on budget since its start. To do this, we are continually expanding our offerings, optimising delivery methods, and mastering new cutting-edge technology. Find out what motivates us and how we incorporate our beliefs into our business processes

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Full range of software development services to help you through the entire project lifecycle, from conception to release and post-production