Senior Avaloq ACP Functional Consultant

September 13, 2023
Application ends: September 27, 2023
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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior ACP Functional Consultant to join our dynamic team.

What you will work on:

  • Act as an ACP (Avaloq Certified Professional) Functional Consultant with a specialized focus on Portfolio Management Functionality.
  • Utilize your expertise in Avaloq to provide functional knowledge and support in various aspects of Portfolio Management, including:
  • Designing and implementing Investment Propositions using IPS (Investment Policy Statements), SAA (Strategic Asset Allocation), TAA (Tactical Asset Allocation), Model Portfolios, and Benchmarks.
  • Managing Restrictions, encompassing considerations related to MIFID implications, S-Test, and ex-post restrictions
  • Conducting Performance Calculation to assess portfolio performance effectively.
  • Implementing Rebalancer and Web Rebalancer functionalities for portfolio optimization.
  • Generating Output Statements, primarily focusing on Portfolio Report generation.
  • Customizing BDP (Business Data Provider) specific solutions to meet unique requirements.

What You Bring:

  • ACP (Avaloq Certified Professional) certification, demonstrating your specialized competence in Avaloq.
  • Comprehensive functional knowledge of Portfolio Management, encompassing Investment Propositions, Restrictions, Performance Calculation, Rebalancer functionalities, Output statement generation, and BDP specific customization.
  • The ability to apply your expertise in Avaloq to enhance Portfolio Management functionality, providing valuable insights and solutions to support business objectives effectively.

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