A people-centered approach to recruitment focuses on individuals' needs and experiences

In 2020, Veritaz was founded with a clear mission: to support and empower IT professionals on their career journey. At Veritaz, we believe in the power of collaboration. We foster connections between IT professionals and potential partners, creating a network of opportunities for career growth. Through our platform, professionals can explore weekly career possibilities and connect with organizations that align with their aspirations. 

We firmly believe that when we work together, we become unstoppable. Our dedication to supporting professionals extends beyond just finding jobs; we are committed to nurturing meaningful collaborations that lead to mutual success. Join us at Veritaz and unlock the potential of your career as you embark on a journey of growth and achievement with like-minded partners and organizations. Together, we can make your dreams a reality.

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Our Mission

We are focused on empowering individuals to excel in their careers while enabling employers to find exceptional talent. By leveraging our expert matchmaking abilities, we bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, fostering mutually beneficial connections that lead to shared success. We are dedicated to supporting employers in reaching new heights by identifying top-notch candidates, and we are equally committed to nurturing job seekers’ dreams and aspirations for a fulfilling and prosperous future. Our unwavering dedication and unique approach make us a force of positive transformation in the job market, creating a brighter landscape for all stakeholders.

Our Partner

HCLTech is a global technology company, delivering industry-leading capabilities centered around digital, engineering and cloud, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products.